Worldwide, immigration and border control policies and enforcement are arbitrary, capricious, and inhumane. Recent events have exacerbated this reality. Anyone crossing a border is at the complete mercy of the local, often extra-judicial regime. Un-naturalized immigrants and refugees are targeted most often, but anyone traveling through precarious regions is at risk.

If you are detained, how can you get help?

We're building LandSafe as quickly as we can so there can be an answer to this question. Here's how it will work, in broad strokes:
  1. Before traveling, let us know what port you'll be entering or border you'll be crossing, and approximately when.
  2. Once you feel safe after arriving at your destination, check in with us again, and have a nice day 😃
  3. If you don't check in for some period of time after when you should have arrived safely, and you don't respond to our efforts to contact you, then we will make noise!

What "noise"?

At a minimum, alerts/announcements via a public status page, and our twitter feed. These alerts will include your identifying information and other metadata pertinent to news organizations; further, legal advocacy organizations will be able to access all of the identifying, biographical, and other information or assets you chose to lodge with us when you started your trip. The hope is that these organizations will be able to use this information to pressure the local regime to disclose your status, allow access to counsel, and hopefully restore your freedom.


We are (currently) volunteers, but we're dedicated and motivated. A live service is coming ASAP; the technology is easy, it's the legal, political, and abuse-prevention stuff that's harder.

We need your help!

Follow @landsafeorg to keep up with the latest. If you might benefit from this service — if you have a "challenging" immigration status, if you're a journalist or legal advocate for immigrants and refugees, or if you are a potential target of repressive regimes in your travels — we want to hear from you. Tell us how we might help you in your important work, and how we might help you be safe.